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    Barone Forsyth
    Najla J. Kayyem

    Executive VP of Marketing for Pacific Retail

    “Kyle and David bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise which translates into immediate actions, strategic insights, and quick wins.”

    Barone Forsyth
    Esther Howard
    Carolyn Likala

    Strategy and Innovation, Caruso, Company

    “The NextRivet team provided exhaustive and detailed information to help us make key business and technology decisions. Their support in the vendor RFP process was invaluable in helping us move a priority project forward smoothly.”

    pizza hut
    Jane Cooper
    Colleen Heydon

    Senior VP of Marketing at Centennial

    “NextRivet not only provides the technical expertise, but also the hands-on support that means complex and innovative projects are executed without issue. As a direct result of their success, we’ve recently expanded our relationship with NextRivet from short to long-term.”

    Esther Howard
    Eduardo Perez Marchant

    CEO Parque Arauco S.A.

    “I’ve known David and Kyle since their days at Westfield Labs, and their entrepreneurial spirit makes them an invaluable partner when it comes to launching complex, global projects. Their willingness to really dig in and support a project from idea to execution has led to measurable, scalable and ongoing success for our centers.”

    pizza hut

    Global Client and Project Base

    NextRivet has experience with clients around the world. This broad portfolio provides our partners with a diverse, global perspective on current trends, best-in-class implementations, and pitfalls to avoid.
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    Client Project Examples
    (Types of Work)

    NextRivet is uniquely positioned to support our clients across a wide range of focus areas.
    • Micro/Last Mile Fulfillment
    • Connected Real Estate Experiences
    • Roadmap Evaluation and Recommendations
    • Next Generation Parking Experiences
    • Data Repository and Customer Segmentation
    • Marketing and Consumer Engagement
    • Dark/Ghost Kitchens and Food E-commerce
    • Distribution and Business Development

    Micro/Last Mile Fulfillment

    With consumer expectations changing the retail landscape, more retailers are having to leverage inventory from their physical stores to meet inventory demands…but this is an expensive initiative to tackle alone.  NextRivet has led projects advising and assisting our shopping center clients on the proper technology solution(s) and how to best optimize their physical location.


    • Validate, optimize, strategize and/or design logistics plans for inbound and outbound fulfillment 
    • Generate a pre-development playbook with due diligence for on-site operations 
    • Develop 2D/3D models for facility logistics design and optimization
    • Provide a 3rd party vendor/partner evaluation and recommendation partner(s) or options for fulfillment orchestration (OMS integration, WMS and TMS).
    • Project manage and launch a fulfillment zone with omnichannel services (e.g. Curbside pickup, ship-from-store delivery, short-term warehouse, potential inbound for replenishment, etc.).
    • Develop detailed spreadsheet models to help support business cases

    Connected Real Estate Experiences

    Property owners need ways for their consumers, tenants and employees to interact with each other. While it’s clear that technology is the solution, the rest can be a big question mark. NextRivet helps identify gaps and put programs in place to benefit our client and their ecosystem.

    • Connect live/work tenants with property services via digital platforms
    • Implement centralized platforms to empower Leasing and Finance with digitized information on past deals, contract language and business terms.
    • Install large and small format digital displays to be used for both digital directories and digital OOH advertisements with centralized content publishing platform
    • Launch consumer digital touchpoints (web and app).

    Roadmap Evaluation and Recommendations

    Property owners often struggle with creating roadmaps because it can be overwhelming to decide  where and how to get started.  NextRivet partners with key stakeholders within property groups and helps make recommendations on future innovation or digital plans, acting as a trusted third-party and additional lens.

    • Innovation roadmap planning with strategic initiative recommendations and prioritization 
    • Provide ongoing research and evaluation of new technologies with executive updates on new technology/partner opportunities
    • Organize themes and key innovation streams across the organization 
    • Develop a plan to focus on short-term / incremental deliverables that lead to a broader strategic initiatives
    • Provide visibility to new “verticals” and technologies to focus on in the near and long term

    Next Generation Parking Experiences

    For many property owners the parking experience and interaction is the first and last impression their customers have and providing a hassle-free, easy way to pay for parking or locate their car solves a commonly cited pain point for shoppers.

    • Develop and launch multiple industry leading solutions to provide a fully digital paid parking experience including spot reserving, payment, and a frictionless entry and exit
    • Create comprehensive request-for-proposals (RFP) and manage potential PARCS (parking access and revenue control system), LPR (license plate recognition) and PGS (Parking Guidance System) vendors throughout.
      • Understanding the ideal experience(s) for our clients to recommend an optimal MVP offering along with supporting technology, operational and physical space required to execute what is best for that location or portfolio.
      • Collaboration with design and constructions teams to create and draft plans for desired parking locations and solutions

    Data Repository and Customer Segmentation

    Consumers are constantly moving from device to device, from channel to channel, and they expect you to move with them in today's marketing environment.

    • Create a single view of the customer as the foundational element
    • Leverage a 360 understanding of shoppers’ behaviors across all digital and physical interactions to enable personalization
    • Help standardize all customer-facing inputs to enable a consistent user experience

    Marketing and Consumer Engagement

    Property owners are looking to enhance the experience for consumers who have come to expect 

    convenience, immediate access to information, and a complementary digital experience when they go shopping.

    • Provide technical solutions to launch Customer Engagement Platforms that personalize marketing communications based on profile and engagement behaviors.  
    • Develop unique segments for content and marketing to create a personalized journey for each person. 
    • Evaluate potential loyalty implementations from a business and technology perspective

    Dark/Ghost Kitchens and Food E-commerce

    With food delivery now a post-pandemic mainstay, property owners have an opportunity to diversify their revenue generating GLA with new F&B tenants, as well as help existing tenants expand their businesses surrounding trade areas.  

    • Provide overviews of the global Dark/Ghost Kitchen market, key players, business models, and examples of how other property owners are already participating in the sector
    • Breakdown of different Ghost Kitchen participation options with recommendations on which model(s) to pursue
    • Identify physical space, operational and technology components needed to operate a multi-tenant Ghost Kitchen environment 

    Support integration / consolidation of orders with the major delivery service options (e.g. DoorDash, UberEats, etc.)


    Distribution and Business Development

    Property owners are inundated with pitches from new tech startups, and in turn, tech startups have difficulty breaking through the clutter to differentiate themselves.

    • Vet potential technology solutions from startups 
    • Facilitate introductions and implementations of startup technologies 
    • Develop and launch Startup Accelerator Programs with retail sponsors/mentors

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