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    29 Nov
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    14 Nov
    The Week In News, But Shorter.

    This week we also heard about how the metaverse is translating to real-world revenue for some retailers, how some retailers...

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    If you own a mall, you also own a warehouse

    Malls have always existed to bring together a multitude of inventories in support of commerce.

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    How NextRivet is helping malls bridge the gap between physical and digital.

    To survive in our ever-changing world shopping malls are starting to turn to digital technologies. This is where NextRivet comes in.

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    How this Napa entrepreneur is piloting 2 restaurants through the pandemic.

    Sometimes living in the present isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you’re a restaurant owner trying to keep your business alive in a pandemic.

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    Listen now: Getting a handle on shopping center-level technology.

    ICSC Exchange/SCT editor-in-chief Amanda Metcalf spoke with Next Rivet’s David Blumenfeld and Kyle Spencer.

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