Kelsey Grant

Kelsey Grant

Research Analyst

Kelsey Grant is a research analyst for Adamantine, supporting the firm’s trend-monitoring and analysis activities, strategy development, and project execution. She brings to Adamantine a depth of experience engaging groups with disparate interests in the environmental space, knowledge of the politics and policy surrounding energy and climate change, and extensive, firsthand insight into the climate advocacy arena. She is passionate about helping energy companies effectively navigate the tensions between energy development, growing demands for decarbonization, and the environment. Prior to joining Adamantine, Kelsey was the conservative outreach coordinator for a nonpartisan climate organization, where her work centered on depolarizing climate and energy issues and forging enduring solutions that enjoy the backing of a diverse alliance of stakeholders, including the oil and gas industry. Known for facilitating transformational coalition-building within the climate movement, Kelsey has spearheaded several successful projects and initiatives that involved industry leaders, activists, progressives, and conservatives. Kelsey is an avid writer and has been featured in publications from local newspapers to The New York Times. A frequent guest speaker and contributor on podcasts, Kelsey engages in the public sphere to expand the potential for bipartisan cooperation and oil and gas leadership in the climate and energy space. Kelsey holds two bachelor’s degrees, in political science and philosophy, from the University of Colorado, where she also conducted research on political agenda-setting in relation to energy issues that earned her recognition by the university. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and reading.


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